Description of Event

There are a lot of memorable and nostalgic stories which constantly illuminate our life and thus deserve preserving. Have you ever been touched by one of these episodes? Not only can these beautiful moments serve as a relief for many, but they also remind others of how bewitching the Hong Kong society is. Based on a love for Hong Kong, HKINMG has invited 6 local and internationally-renowned directors to film documentary films over different themes about Hong Kong. Apart from this, we are holding the “Eye Hong Kong Documentary Film Competition” in 2019. The aim of this competition is to encourage Hong-Kongers to explore indigenous stories and capture them with their cameras so that more people can genuinely feel the vigour and vitality of Hong Kong.


3 Winners

a trophy and a certificate

3 First runners up

a trophy and a certificate

3 Second runners up

a trophy and a certificate

15 Merit winners

a trophy and a certificate

1. There will be 3 categories: secondary schools, tertiary and the general public.

2. Participants can enter the competition either individually or in groups.

3. Participants can join more than one group.

4. There is no limit in the number of participants in each group.

5. There is no limit in the number of documentaries submitted by each individual/group.

6. No entrance fee will be levied.

Requirements of the Documentaries

1. The theme of the product must be “Eye Hong Kong”.

2. The documentaries must not be longer than 5 minutes.

3. There is no restraint on the equipment used for production.

4. Participants can submit documentaries which have been used and/or won awards in other competitions.

5. Participants have to write an abstract (either in Chinese or in English) within 200 words based on the contents of the documentaries.

6. Documentaries with both Chinese and English subtitles are preferred.

7. All works must be original.

8. Participants must secure the copyright for the use of any branded items related in the production of the documentaries. The organizer will not be responsible for any legal liabilities concerned.

9. Entries only represent the viewpoints of the participants. In no way do they reflect the stance of the organizer.

10. Entries must obey the existing laws of Hong Kong. They should not carry elements of libeling, obscenity, coarse languages, discrimination and infringement of privacy.

Enrolment and Submission of Work

1. Participants are required to enrol via this website. Application is open from 1st April to 31st October 2019 . Late submissions will not be entertained.

2. Tertiary and secondary school students must attach a photocopy of their student cards (valid before the deadline) with their work.

3. The organizer will not be responsible for any fee related to the submission of work.

4. Participants who have submitted their work cannot withdraw from the competition.


1. Work submitted will be judged by the committee members of the assessment panel.

2. The assessment panel will judge based on four domains: content, production techniques, originality and storytelling.

3. Coming into a holistic judgment, the panel will select three winners, three first runners-up, three second runners-up and 15 merits.

4. In case entries do not meet the requirements of the competition, the panel reserves the right of not giving any prizes.

Result Announcements

1. Winners will be announced at the Prize Presentation Ceremony of the “Eye Hong Kong” Documentary Film Competition.

2. Shortlisted participants will be invited to the Prize Presentation Ceremony.

3. Entries may be uploaded to the ‘To-play List’ on the “EyeCityLab” Special Page on Facebook, YouTube and the HKINMG’s website.

Important Dates for the “Eye Hong Kong” Documentary Competition

1. Commencement of Application: 1st April 2019.

2. Deadline for Application: 31st October 2019.

3. Prize Presentation Ceremony: November 2019 (Tentative).

Other Terms and Conditions

1. The organizer reserves the right to amend any rules and regulations without any prior notification to the participants.

2. In case of disputes, the organizer has the right to make the final decision.

3. The submission of application forms and entries represent the compliance of all rules and regulations.

4. Participants own the copyright of the products. However, the organizer has the right to preserve the entries permanently, edit them and show them in various media.

5. In case rules have been violated, the organizer reserves the right to disqualify participants and decline prizes.

6. All personal information provided will only be used for the competition and all promotional purposes.

Contact and Enquiry

In case of queries about the competition, please email to, or Call 22691508.

Postponement Notice

We regret to inform all the participants that the Eye Hong Kong Documentary Competition, which was scheduled on Oct. 31 has been postponed. The Postponement of this Competition has been done in view of the prevailing situation in Hong Kong.

As the application officially commenced, we have received an abundance of works which are of exceptional quality. We deeply appreciate the efforts devoted. Hong Kong International New Media Group (HKINMG) sincerely thanks all participants for taking part and supporting the competition.

After considering the recent social situation and subsequent uncertainties, the organizer came to a decision to postpone the application deadline (originally scheduled for 31st Oct, 2019) and the prize presentation ceremony (originally scheduled for Nov, 2019) until further notice.

If participants have successfully completed the application progress, further submission is not required unless the participants want to update their works. We look forward to more videos of various indigenous stories to be submitted.

We greatly apologize to all the participants for the inconvenience caused. If you have any enquiries regarding to the postponement, please do not hesitate to email


Hong Kong International New Media Group

Oct.15, 2019